A Kats Life

I wonder why: I made simple rules for making my love/ life easier to live and for some reason I break them. Why!?!?! /(>.

I might go to a concert during summer vacation so exited (^w^)

Music is art

Somebody called me a whore which is so overused that now it has meaning to the female race

I know the answer to my own question but I chose not to know- bad habit

So the end of deciding whether to stay or end my relationship, I chose to stay with my bf. (^w^)

Broke up with my bf not long ago and all I want is to see him

Today was probably one of those where your body is there but not your mind (o.O)

Oh (^w^)
Happy Valentines Day
tumblr people

Today the weather was partly cold with the sun outside
I want to sleep (=_=)